There are many perks to staying positive at work! Positivity often results in better work performance and more motivation to achieve. There definitely are days when staying positive is easier said than done, but by following the advice below, you have a better chance of hanging on to your smile. 

Avoid Gossiping and Complaining

Not only is complaining a bad habit, it’s a time-waster on top of it. Gossiping falls into the same category. Instead of complaining or gossiping about problems and teammates, use that time to resolve the issue and move on. Taking initiative is always the more productive and satisfying path!

Keep a Healthy Lifestyle 

Recharge your body properly. Poor diet, little exercise and lack of sleep are huge contributors to negativity. If you take care of your body, you will feel better – ultimately, resulting in a more positive attitude. 

Cultivate Relationships with Teammates

Try to gravitate toward and spend time around the positive people in your office, because positivity is as infectious negativity. As you build friendships with these teammates, it will become easier to roll with the punches.

Laugh Off the Small Stuff

We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Carry that to work with you by not letting everyday annoyances, like that loud, malfunctioning printer, get to you. In fact, take it one step further by laughing off these common annoyances with your office friends and other teammates. Laughter always brightens moods!

Remember Goals

Remembering the greater good keeps us focused and motivated, because it helps us see the issues and obstacles that pop up as opportunities for improvement toward to our goals. Keep the end picture in mind and let your positive attitude drive you toward it! 

We will all have days when staying positive requires work, because life and work are not perfect. However, if you remember this advice, keeping positive will become easy for you.

Do you have additional advice for staying positive? Leave us a comment!