It’s a “game of inches” that requires hard work and long-term planning.
It promotes fierce competition between highly skilled individuals.
And if you stick at it long enough professionally, it could mean a big pay day!
No, this isn’t the NFL; it’s the job hunt!
After weeks and weeks of regular season applications, you finally scored big in the interview playoffs. Now, it is time for the job seeker’s Super Bowl – your first day at a new job. All of your effort and determination have taken you from the applicant bench into a game-time role on the team. You’ve been an all-star at sharing your professional story and finding a company that matches your strengths, but will you be ready when it’s time for kick-off?
Take a quick timeout, and review these tips for making a good impression at a new job before your first day!
Stick to a Consistent Practice Routine
Like any good champion, you need to be physically prepared for the task ahead. Do your body a favor and make sure to get a full night’s sleep before the big day. Along with that, take time to prepare any clothes, pack important office supplies and set alarms the night before to ensure that your morning will run smoothly! Being unprepared and late on the first day will definitely draw a red flag.
Visualize Victory
Not so fast! It’s been said that this game is only twenty percent physical, and eighty percent mental.  If you’re feeling physically prepared, it’s time to get your brain on the same page. Nothing makes a good impression quite like a positive attitude, and visualizing success can go a long way towards achieving that.
Spend some time mentally walking through the route you’ll be taking to the office, what you will say during personal introductions and any other situations that may be making you nervous. By visualizing positive outcomes, you’ll better your odds of making success your reality.
Have a Playbook Handy
There’s a lot to take in on a first day: names, responsibilities – heck, even where the coffee is! Before you find yourself drowning in details, be ready with paper and something to write with. Additionally, you can impress on day one by coming prepared with research about the company and your role on the team. Be sure to review any materials, such as benefits packets or orientation documents, which may have been sent to you prior to your first day. Just like interviews, always be ready with questions!
Review Game Tape Afterwards
Carve out time either at your desk or after returning home to reflect on the day, writing down and reviewing who you have met, things you have learned and any early expectations or deadlines that have been set can help you retain information. However, without reviewing and visualizing these notes, you risk losing valuable details.
Additionally, this method can help you to get a better overall picture of what the following days will look like on the job, and prepare you to start finding a schedule and balance that works well for your position within the company.
You’re #1!
Don’t let the pressure of the moment get in your head; there’s a reason you’ve made it to this point! You were hired because you bring something new and necessary to the team. For every old-fashioned Peyton Manning in the office, there’s a bright-eyed Cam Newton waiting to make a fresh impact. Be an active listener and learn from the best, but also be ready to let your own style and passion shine through.
Just when you think you’ve won it all, the real work begins! But with the right preparations, you could make a good impression and be well on your way to becoming an office MVP. What are your insider tips for winning it all on the first day? Share your stories below!