After a grueling week of assignments and errands, everyone deserves to shift into relaxation mode! Tucked away at the end of all of those hours of work is a little slice of freedom affectionately referred to as, “the weekend.” In fact, weekends are so important to us as a society that we’ve been enjoying them, by name, since as early as 1879.
While weekends might be a celebrated tradition, many of us might not be using them to their full potential. How many times have you looked ahead to a weekend of big plans and solid relaxation, only to rush into Monday morning feeling unaccomplished and more tired than ever?
Avoid wasting your weekend potential by following these tips for making the weekend work for you:
Keep It Rollin’
Momentum is a touchy thing; when you’re in a groove, you just know it. Don’t let the weekend’s wide open schedule slow down your progress! It might seem counter intuitive, but planning to do some work on hobbies or house projects on Friday night can actually help you to knock productivity out of the park early. After all, if you can make progress on Friday, that leaves more time to wind down with the rest of the weekend!
If you do start your projects on Saturday or Sunday, avoid sleeping in much later than you’re used to. Over-indulging in sleep sporadically can actually throw off your body’s sleep schedule, and a late start only puts you a step behind. That being said, be sure to work in plenty of time for rest and relaxation!
Win More with Little Victories
Becoming a home design superstar or creating a new career plan for your future doesn’t happen in an afternoon. Seeing large, complex projects on your, “To Do” list can be intimidating – especially during the weekend! Simplify your goals and shoot for little victories throughout the weekend. Instead of trying to tackle, “Clean and Organize the Garage” try breaking it down into smaller projects, like, “separate nails and screws” and “throw out old boxes.” By breaking big goals into manageable bits, the weekend can be full of small victories that lead to big changes!
Don’t Underestimate Fun
Weekends are meant to recharge both the body and mind! More and more companies and recognizing the important of wellness in the workplace, and taking occasional breaks are a necessary part of this process. Never underestimate the power of fun, inside and outside of the office, in cultivating a positive attitude. By working in moments of pure enjoyment throughout the weekend, like time spent with loved ones or taking in a good movie, you’ll have more energy to be productive in the time in between.
Mix It Up
Nine to five, Monday through Friday, your brain is stuck in a routine; “Coffee. Commute. Repeat.” Changing this pattern and taking on an activity that forces your mind to think differently can be refreshing. Reading a book focusing on a subject unrelated to your job or playing a stimulating mind game with friends can help to work underutilized parts of your brain. Keep things interesting by thinking outside of the box!
Build in a Monday Buffer
Before you know it, the weekend is gone. Don’t be caught unprepared come Monday morning! Schedule time to do an end-of-weekend-wind-down; reflecting on what you’ve accomplished, reviewing what’s ahead of you early in the week and preparing your schedule and supplies next few days can give you a head start on the work week. By doing this at a regular time each weekend, you can become comfortable with a few moments of self-reflection to close out the weekend.
Don’t let your weekend go to waste! Do you have any tips for making the most of your time away from the office? Share your thoughts below!