National Staffing Employee Week 2020 is here!
For one special week every September, the American Staffing Association’s National Staffing Employee Week celebrates the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by staffing agencies across the United States. These professionals make a difference day-in and day-out through their commitment to meaningful work and building great teams.
While 2020 has been a year defined by uncertainty, Medix is proud to show our gratitude for the people we can always count on – our hardworking talent. To commemorate this week of recognition in a year like no other, we interviewed five Medix talent who have gone above and beyond to make a positive impact through their work.
Here’s what Yasmin, Taylor, Emily, Michelle and Trudy had to say about the work they do and their experience working as staffing employees:

National Staffing Employee Week 2020: As Told by Medix Talent

“My current role is an occupational health technician, and my responsibilities are to make sure that people are coming to work COVID-19 symptom-free by taking their temperatures, providing them with masks, sanitizing and keeping the area clean. My favorite part of the work that I do is establishing a safe environment for the workers and creating a bond with them because I see them everyday.” – Yasmin, Occupational Health Professional
“My favorite thing about my job is that I get to work with people all over the company, so I’m constantly expanding the breadth and depth of my knowledge around what we do, how we do it, and how we can improve.” – Taylor, Product Manager
“Working with (my recruiter) Carissa was such a relief after the more than six months of job hunting I had done as a new graduate in a saturated job market. Information was provided in a timely manner, and I was never left to guess.” – Emily, Pharmacist
“The recruiting interview process was simple; I interviewed over the phone and did all the paperwork sent to me online. I wasn’t just a number; they treated me more like family.” – Michelle, Occupational Health Professional
“I highly recommend anyone applying for a staffing role; it has been a great experience!” – Trudy, Medical Billing Specialist

Thank You Message from Medix CEO Andrew Limouris

To all of the talent making a different in the U.S. workforce as staffing employees, thank you from all of us at Medix! Check out the video below for a special thank you message from Medix CEO Andrew Limouris.