(Seattle, Washington) May 14, 2018 –  Medix, a team focused on providing workforce solutions for Care Management, Revenue Cycle Management and Allied sectors within the healthcare industry is excited have Strategy Executive, Ken Williams take part in a panel discussion at the StaffingTec Conference on Wednesday, May 16 at 2:15 p.m.
“Our panel will discuss the topic of staffing automation tech to speed operations, manage better and achieve cost savings. It’s the perfect way to facilitate a conversation that educates attendees on the latest tech trends that relate to staffing,” said Williams. “With increasing pressures around time to fill positions while maintaining quality, automation is no longer optional, it’s a must-have in our industry.”  
StaffingTec is the first staffing industry technology conference that is designed to help educate attendees on new staffing tech solutions that drive growth. Other topics on the agenda include expert advice on emerging tech trends, ways to improve the customer, contractor and candidate experience, insight on top technologies poised to disrupt the industry and more.
“To sit among such a talented group of panel members with the chance to collaborate and share new ideas is a great opportunity to share Medix’s expertise on the staffing industry and to learn more,” said Williams. “StaffingTec will be great exposure and provide forward-thinking information to share with my team.”  
For more information about Medix’s Healthcare Division, please visit www.medixteam.com/healthcare.
About Medix’s Healthcare Divison
Since 2001, Medix has provided workforce solutions to clients and helped talent find the right opportunity within the healthcare industry. Today, healthcare is the largest division at Medix, specifically focusing on the following sectors: Care Management, Revenue Cycle, Allied, Outpatient Services, Insurance, and Third Party Administrative services. As the healthcare landscape in the United States remains in flux, organizations are experiencing more competitive pressures than ever to keep pace with changes in compliance and legislation.This climate of constant change dramatically impacts the qualifications and requirements of healthcare staff nationwide. Medix understands the importance of identifying qualified talent with the ideal combination of aptitudes, behaviors and competencies that will help you adjust to these changes, ultimately leading your organization to sustained success.