advice to young professionalsOne of the biggest adjustments a person makes is transitioning between college and the real world. There is a lot to learn while navigating the job hunt, starting that new opportunity and getting settled. We talked to some of our Medix leaders about what they wished they knew when they were launching their careers. Here is what they had to say to help today’s young professionals:
Professionalism Does Matter – Nick, Director of Medix’s Scientific Division
“Employers really do care about your appearance and how you portray yourself online. If you look messy and are not smart about social media, they will think poorly about your level of professionalism, and that could stifle opportunities.
Furthermore, professionalism means being prepared. Interview before you interview. Keep your resume error-free, and know the company inside out. This is impressive to future employers!”
Keep a Positive Attitude Brian, Controller 
“Always keep a positive attitude at work and be willing to jump in wherever you’re needed, regardless of your job title. Even if you work in a particular department, find opportunities to help out and work with others. Not only is it a great way to network with your colleagues, but it’s impressive to leaders.” 
Never Stop LearningJordan, Director of Marketing
“Always keep learning! You might not be in a classroom anymore, but you should never stop seeking out opportunities to continue to learn and develop. Now that school is done, some of your best learning is yet to come from hands-on real world experiences, but never underestimate the value of reading business books, seeking out informative networking events, taking online courses through sites like Khan Academy and surfing the Internet for any webinars and whitepapers you can get your hands on. Your day-to-day experience on the job with will undoubtedly teach you a ton, but it’s important to reach beyond that if you want to continuously develop as a professional.” 
Watch Your Finances and Associate Yourself with Success – Scott, Director of Corporate Operations
“No matter your occupation or earning potential, live below your means and retire your debt. Having debt, no matter the reason or justification, is a weight on your back. Living below your means will allow you to pay down your debt faster and will force you to accept another important life lesson, delayed gratification. Until your debt is paid, limit your material experiences. Get familiar with a lifestyle void of luxuries. If you do, your future choices will be vast and you will appreciate the variety and freedom it provides.
Finally, whatever you choose to do professionally, associate yourself with the people who are most positive and successful at what they do. Stay away from negative influences. Successful people are optimistic and are not threatened by you. Hang out with them; ask for their help; emulate their habits. Every company and industry has challenges; it’s why you’re getting paid. Those challenges = job security. Negative people see those challenges as topics to be mocked and derided. Positive successful people see those challenges as opportunities for future successes to be embraced with enthusiasm.”
New grad life is a challenge for young professionals, but keep this advice in mind as you navigate through! Have additional insight? Leave us a comment; we would love to hear!