A major shift resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is that millions of professionals now work-from-home full-time. The line between work life and home life is non-existent, presenting a new set of challenges for all. However, without schools or daycares in session, working parents are balancing the demands of their full-time jobs and their kids. 
Medix is full of amazing parents who are succeeding at both, so we asked some of our super star moms, Val, Jenn, Alexa and Lindsay, to share their top work-from-home tips:

Set Small, Attainable Goals Each Day

VAL: “When it comes to balancing family, house and work, I follow time blocking, and I set small goals. I write out a daily list of what needs to be accomplished at work and the one or two things I want to do around the house. I have learned that it’s just not possible to clean the entire house or do a big project right now, so I just try to stay sane by knocking out the small tasks!  And then I get myself and my family outside at least once a day – that’s a requirement to stay sane!”

Nap Time = Go Time!

LINDSAY: “Try your best to stick to a schedule. You can better plan nap times and make those naps your ‘power hours’ for work.”
JENN: “I try to schedule my day around my children’s relaxation time. I have found that scheduling calls during my youngest child’s nap allows me to crank through my most important pieces of my day. The two oldest kids use this time as ‘downtime,’ which means some TV zone-out time! The morning is used to wear them out: playing in the yard, crafts or obstacle courses.”
ALEXA: “In attempts to maximize my productivity, I really try to take advantage of my daughter’s nap time. I know that’s when I can really hone in and jam things out.”

Practice Open Communication

LINDSAY: “Properly communicate your situation to any clients or teammates in advance. I always start my calls apologizing for any screams or laughs they hear. It’s been so helpful to have everyone be so supportive, and it’s a good talking point as many can relate.” 

Take Care of Yourself, Too

ALEXA: “If you don’t find time to remove yourself from both parent life and work life, you aren’t going to be able to give 100 percent in either area. Trying to find a small chunk of time a few days a week to focus on outlets for mental health is really important to me in handling the chaos of parenting while working.”

Remember You’re Not Alone

LINDSAY: “Realize that everyone is going through something. I was so nervous to have a baby with me most times while I work, but my boss has been amazing with inviting her into team calls to make me feel better when he sees my stress!”

Focus on the Positives

VAL: “As cheesy as it sounds, there will never be another ‘time’ like this, so I really try to focus on having fun together and spending quality time as a family.”  
JENN: “Nothing in our life is constant and perfect, but we are together and that’s what matters.”
Val, Alexa, Lindsay and Jenn – hats off to you for being such incredible leaders, teammates and parents!
Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere! 
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