Here at Medix, we want to wish all nurses a happy Nurses Week and express our appreciation towards the impact nurses have on the healthcare industry! Since 2012, our Medix Care Management team has worked to positively impact the lives of thousands of nurses nationwide. In honor of the incredible stories of the nurses throughout our communities, we have invited special guest blogger Anne Llewellyn, a national leader in nursing and nurse case management, to share her thoughts about the impact mentors have had on her nursing career.

“She told me that case management was simply, good nursing. My role would be to work with patients who had catastrophic injuries or illnesses and to make sure they were getting the care they needed, at the right time, in the right setting for the most cost-effective price. They wanted RNs to do this work as we had the clinical expertise and the communication skills needed to bring the team together.”

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Being a mentor and welcoming new nurses into the professional of nursing is something we all can do to improve as part of our own professional development, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate this week of appreciation for an integral career choice. From all of us at Medix to the nurses across the country, we thank you for what you do and wish you a happy Nurses Week!

After reading Anne’s piece, we encourage you to share a comment about how a mentor helped you in  your career below!