It’s time for another edition of the Medix Teammate Spotlight series! We’re traveling across the country to meet with Medix teammates from each of our local offices. In Houston, we caught up with Jeb, who’s making an impact in Texas and beyond.
Here’s a little more about Jeb and his role with Medix:
Please explain your current role at Medix.
I’m an EDBO, which means I run our Houston office, and help oversee a smaller one. Our Houston team is awesome and pretty much run themselves; they’re easy on me.
The last two years I was able to lock arms with the Medix team in Dallas. I had a lot of fun working with that group and learned a ton from them in the process. This year, I’ve switched focus to work with our team in Tampa to help grow that market into one of the top healthcare recruiting offices in the area. They have a great group there and I’m excited to be working them now.
What brought you to this role?
I ran Houston for four years and made a ton of mistakes. I guess Medix saw that I figured how to NOT run an office, the hard way, and thought that I would be good in helping some young office avoid the mistakes I made.
What made you decide to work for Medix?
I was in the Air Force for 10 years (making me 28 when I finally graduated college) so I was looking for an opportunity to join a growing organization and try to catch my peers in career progression. I liked the vision and the opportunity in front of me, so I jumped at it, even though I knew zero about staffing and really didn’t even understand what I was doing at first!
What are the characteristics young professionals need to possess to be successful at Medix?
Genuine curiosity, true empathy and the ability to figure things out while working fast.
When you’re not working hard at Medix, what are your hobbies?
CrossFit and playing with my 2-year-old daughter.
You’re a Jedi Master; do you choose the light side or the dark side of the force?
I’ve actually thought about this a lot! I would fight with the Rebellion, but I would also know the Dark Side so I could be a well-rounded Jedi.

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