Corporate RecruiterYou can find Medix teammates across the country following their individual passions and working to positively impacting lives. In our latest Medix teammate spotlight, we’re making a stop in Chicago and learning a little about Shayla, a corporate recruiter who started working working with our team as a talent in healthcare:
Please explain your current role at Medix
“My current role at Medix is a corporate recruiter. One side of my job is working with office leaders to understand the culture and dynamic of their office. On the other end, I am finding professionals who are looking for an environment and position that fit the open opportunities at Medix.”
What brought you to this role?
“This role was presented to me, and was something I couldn’t pass up. It’s an opportunity to form relationships with coworkers nation-wide, impact the company, and help grow the Medix family!”
What made you decide to work for Medix?
“Funny story – I was a talent for Medix before I worked here! Post-grad Shayla thought she wanted to work in a hospital setting so I worked on a project to get a feel for how it would be. I quickly found out that is not what I wanted to do, but I had a really good experience working with Medix. I really liked everyone I worked with at Medix so I decided to see if they had any openings!”
What are the characteristics young professionals need to possess to be successful at Medix?
“Internal drive. If you are willing to work without someone constantly pushing you Medix is definitely the place to be!”
When you’re not working hard at Medix, what are your hobbies?
“Eating copious amounts of pizza, forcing pictures of my nieces and nephews on people, pressing snooze on my alarm, and violently stalking Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram.  Oh, and family.”
If you could be on one TV game show, which one would it be and why?
“‘Figure It Out on Nickelodeon’ because I have always wondered if the slime tastes good.”