As a job candidate, you need to talk up your experience and skills, but there is a line between presenting your best self and presenting the false you. Whether it’s added to your resume, slipped into your cover letter or mentioned in your interview – there is going to be temptation to “punch up the storyline” of your experience and skills to make yourself more appealing or qualified for a position. However, you should never lie to get a job. Why?
Here is the simple truth: Your lie will be discovered at some point.
During the interview process, recruiters and hiring managers are trained to spot inconsistencies and fabrications. Beyond that, background and employment screens are commonplace. If your lie is spotted, you will instantly be disqualified for the position and any future possibilities of working with that organization.
What could be worse than that? Actually earning the job because of a falsehood! Depending on the job and the magnitude of the lie, you could get fired. If you aren’t let go, the trust among you, your managers and your teammates is gone. In an instant, that opportunity you wanted bad enough to lie will become a massive career downfall.
What to Do Instead
If you’re not a good candidate for a job you want, instead of fibbing, take the high road and actually become qualified! Sign up for classes; join that industry group, and talk to your network. Trust us, actually earning an opportunity is way more fulfilling personally and professionally!
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