Everybody wants their boss’s approval. Whether you’re a temporary worker looking to get a permanent position, an employee hoping for a promotion or just a hard worker who wants respect, your boss is the gateway. Follow these tips to impress your boss and earn acclamation:

Being late did not fly in high school, so it certainly does not fly in the work place! Simply arriving early in the morning and turning work in on time will establish your dependability.

Attention to Detail
Stand out by always making sure that decimal point is in the right place, you’re using proper grammar and your work is high quality. If you do everything right the first time, you will earn your boss’s trust.

Go the Extra Mile
Have a little free time during the day? Volunteer to help your boss with an extra project. Being proactive never hurts!

Last in the Lot
Take an extra five minutes after the work day to tie any loose ends and organize your desk. Your boss will notice your car is still there when he/she leaves for the evening and think of you as a dedicated worker.

Don’t Suck Up!
Nobody likes a suck up, especially your boss. Empty flattery will not only rub your boss the wrong way, but your coworkers will take notice, too. Wipe that brown spot off your nose, cancel that fruit basket order and start earning approval the right way!