Can we agree to finally stop pretending? It’s time to face reality; New Year’s resolutions are sham! There, I said it. Sure, they start out with the best of intentions, but after a month of doing good and keeping on track, they gradually fade away.

Rather than buying an expensive gym membership that never gets used or committing to tackling every single crafty projects you’ve ever seen on Pintrest, consider these resolutions you can actually keep:

Water, Water Everywhere

Stop me if you’ve read this before, but up to sixty percent of the human body is water. That means that good old H2O is integral for a healthy body. Unfortunately, the majority of us aren’t getting enough of the good stuff. Making a commitment to drink more water is a simple way to get healthier and feel better in the New Year, but even that can be hard to stick to.

To make things easier, start with this a two pronged approach to get yourself closer to better hydration. First, start every morning with a big, cool glass of water; this helps to boost your body’s metabolism at the beginning of your day and could help to wake you up. Second, make a habit of following every coffee, soda or other sugary or caffeine-filled drinks with a glass of water.

Unplugged Hour

If lack of water isn’t making you feel drained, odds are that staring at your smartphone all day is. The incessant buzzing and constant digital glow of our pocket-sized friends can wear us down both physically and mentally. However, instead of committing to vague goals like, “use technology less” or “be more in-the-moment”, take a tangible step towards liberating yourself from the 24/7 technology cycle.

This year, commit to spending one hour every day unplugged; that means no cell phone, no computer, no tablet and no binge-watching. Not only can this time away from screens recharge you physically, but just imagine all of the different things you can take on with that hour. From a few chapters in a good book to trying out that new recipe you’ve always wanted to whip up, embrace the unplugged hour!

Variety is the Spice of Lunch

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a few standard lunches you bring into the office, and a list of your favorite spots for a quick bite when you forget to pack ahead. While your go-to options might be dependable, the problem is that they can get boring. Lunch is supposed to invigorate the second half of your day, not drag it down!

Get excited for lunch again. An easy way to add spice to your lunch hour is to try a new restaurant every month. Instead of that same old sandwich shop, grab yourself some sushi! Can of soup not cutting it? Dig into that new Italian bistro down the block. You’d be surprised how the right lunch can super power your afternoons!

Straighten Up

Take a second right now to evaluate your posture. Are you slumped down, spine bent in a relaxed curve, as you scroll from the comfort of your computer chair? If you are, you’re not alone! Clicking away for hours in a seat can make even the straightest of spines slip into unhealthy habits. Rather than researching ergonomics and investing in high priced furniture, here’s a simple life hack to get your life straightened out – Posture Reminder! This handy web browser plug-in sends you alerts at regular intervals that you set to remind you to sit up straight.

Everyday Kindness

The power of a simple compliment is incredible. Heck, even just greeting someone with a, “Good morning!” can brighten the dreariest of days. If you commit to only one resolution in the new year, make it this – say one kind thing to another person every day. That’s it! Kindness is contagious, and your small act of kindness can quickly snowball into an avalanche of cheer.

Get real about New Year’s resolutions this year. By keeping it simple and taking small steps towards self-improvement, you can make sure you’re building upon impactful resolutions that you might actually keep for once! Do you have any tips for making (and keeping) New Year’s resolutions? Share them in the comments section below!

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