holiday party etiquette

It’s that time of the year again – holiday parties galore! Not only will you be able to celebrate with friends and family, you will also get to enjoy your coworkers at your company party! However, the key is to make sure you’re enjoying appropriately. Follow our holiday party etiquette guide to make sure you have a great and responsible experience with your office:

Don’t Drink Too Much!

What is typically the root of misbehavior? Alcohol consumption. You don’t want to be “that person” who over-indulged and ended up saying or doing something regretful. Limit yourself to help ensure your holiday festivities are enjoyable for everyone!

Follow the Rules

If there is a stated dress code, follow it. If the organizers are asking each attendee to bring a canned food item or toy for a drive, bring the requested items. If you’re not allowed a guest, don’t bring your spouse or significant other. Even though it’s a party, it’s still a work event, so you need to be respectful of any parameters.


Make sure you participate in karaoke, raffles, games or any other activities that might be going on. The organizers put these things together for you to enjoy, so don’t be a party pooper and sit on the sidelines.

Be Ready for Introductions and Small Talk 

Depending on how big or small your company is, you might be meeting colleagues, executives and even your president or CEO for the first time face-to-face. Be ready with a smile, firm handshake and a quick elevator speech about who you are. Also be ready with some topics for small talk – the weather will only get you do far!

Holiday parties are a great way to celebrate the season with your colleagues, so make sure you do everything on your end to ensure you make the best of it!

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