Yes, it’s that time of the year: Office holiday party season! Many believe office parties can either be a ton of fun or super awkward, but they don’t realize your behavior can determine where your holiday party experience falls on the fun-awkward spectrum. Follow these tips below to help ensure your experience is on the fun side:

Eat, Drink and Be Merry – Responsibly

This is first, because it is the most important on our list: Do not get drunk at your company party! Office holiday parties bring everybody together – yes, your bosses, too. Do you really want to be “that drunk guy/girl” in front your boss? Probably not. Remember that even though it’s a party, it’s still a work event, so act appropriately and moderate alcohol consumption.

Dress for the Occasion

Ugly Sweater Party? Break out that light-up holiday sweater! Smart-casual attire? Better take the lint roller to your dress or sport jacket. Dress to the theme or dress code if there are either. Revealing clothing is not appropriate in the office, so it won’t be appropriate at the office party.


Will your office holiday party feature a Secret Santa gift exchange? What about a scavenger hunt? Or even karaoke? Regardless, you should participate in party activities. Participating in activities will help you build a bond with your coworkers, get to know others better, and not to mention, it can show your boss you’re a team player.

Prepare Small Talk

This may seem like a weird thing to consider before going to your office holiday party, but outside of work topics, what do you really have to talk about with that accounting guy or the IT girl? Think of different small talk topics, like sports, holiday plans or TV shows, so you’re not left with discussing the weather for 20 minutes.

The last thing you want is a sit-down with your boss about your behavior during the company party. Use common sense and have fun this holiday season!

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