Our Recruitment Process

The unique needs and culture of your organization require a thorough and innovative sourcing, screening and selection process. Medix’s recruitment process is designed ensure you have access to top talent matched to the specific requirements of your team. 


We use a number of innovative tools to proactively recruit top talent in the market. Our proprietary database holds all of our qualified applicants and tracks the status and new skills obtained by current and former employees. Referrals are also one of our most successful methods of finding candidates, as our employees regularly submit names of likely candidates that are not in active circulation on the open market. Finally, our differentiation lies not just in how we source our talent but how we retain them through providing great job opportunities, paying competitive salaries, offering flexible benefit options and building relationships with our employees to keep them consistently engaged with Medix.

Initial Screen

Through both an initial phone screen and a personal interview, we ensure the candidate is briefed on the client’s project in detail, understands our approach to the project and is a good fit for the company. It allows us the opportunity to assess traits such as interpersonal skills, professionalism and the ability to communicate effectively.

Medix Intelligence℠

Big data is shaking up businesses inside and out, and now it’s impacting hiring! Through Medix Intelligence℠, your team will gain specialized insight into our talent, your industry and the job market as a whole to help you find the right talent for the right job at the right time and location.

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Reference and License Verifications

Reference checks are completed on every candidate and are taken from current or most recent supervisors who can accurately assess work habits and performance. Medix verifies that each candidate has the applicable licensure, registration and/or certificates required for the position.

Drug Screens and Background Checks

Medix performs post-offer, pre-employment drug screens and background checks to meet clients’ specific requirements, some of which include county criminal records, education verification, federal district criminal records, OIG/GSA fraud search, social security verification and driving records.

Detailed Employee Orientation

Another competitive advantage of Medix is its employee orientation program.  We analyze our client’s operational demands in order to build a suitable profile to match candidates to your organization. Once a candidate is selected, we compose a detailed job description to inform him or her of the specific responsibilities, company rules, policies and expectations. As an added courtesy, a Medix representative will personally escort the candidate to your job site for a smooth transition.

Placement Evaluation

All employees are monitored by one of our placement professionals to ensure they are performing as expected through quality assurance calls and employee evaluation reports, so we can collaborate to continuously improve our service to you.