“Tell me about a time you faced a challenge. How did you overcome it?” 

When it comes to job interviews, bringing up your accomplishments is the easy part. After all, who doesn’t like sharing stories about their most successful moments? The question is: Are you comfortable answering questions about the times you’ve faced obstacles in your career? Talking about overcoming challenges in a job interview can be, well, challenging!

Go ahead, give it a try right now. Think about the most difficult challenge you faced at your most recent job. What was the situation? Who was involved? How did it make you feel? Would you be able to clearly explain what happened and how you handled it…in less than two minutes? If you’re anything like me, just remembering a frustrating situation can be enough to give yourself a stress headache all over again – not to mention having to walk through each moment with a relative stranger! If you’re not careful when responding, your answer can turn into a confusing, negative ramble pretty darn quickly.

However, recruiters ask these types of behavioral or situational questions to learn specific information about job candidates. It’s not just a clever way to add more pressure to the job search process; it can actually provide a window into your problem solving skills!

To give you a better idea of what your interviewer is looking for in a response, we invited Medix Recruitment Manager, Kyle, to the Impact Podcast! In this engaging interview, he gives us the insider scoop on these types of questions and tips for knocking them out of the park.

You can listen to the full episode via Soundcloud below! Have any tips for answering questions about overcoming challenges in job interviews that we didn’t cover in the podcast? Bring your ideas the table by joining the discussion in the comment section!