Potlucks, parties, gift exchanges and decorations – there are many ways to celebrate at work this season! While spreading holiday cheer, you need to remember that the same rules do not always apply for the workplace. Follow these tips to help you remain professional while celebrating the holiday season in the office:

Your Workspace

Between all of the great music and holiday decorations, it can be hard not to go a little overboard! But the office is not the appropriate spot to channel ALL of your holiday cheer. It’s important to remember that not everyone at work celebrates the same holidays you do. If you’re allowed to decorate, don’t abuse the privilege by pinning up blinking lights or play holiday music out loud, unless your coworkers have given you permission. Keep it subtle, so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

The Gift Exchange

Gift exchanges are a staple in the workplace during the holidays, because they are a great way to express gratitude to your colleagues for all they did this year. First and foremost, if your office has arranged a gift exchange, make sure you follow the rules, with special emphasis on sticking to the spending limit and bringing your gift on time. Although they may seem impersonal, if you’re in a bind, you can give a gift card to your Secret Santa-ee’s favorite lunchtime spot.


Potlucks are a great way to break up the work day with good food and conversation with your coworkers! Like gift exchanges, make sure you follow any rules and bring the dish you committed to bringing on time. If you know somebody has an allergy or dietary restriction, either accommodate or clearly communicate that your dish might not be good for some to consume.

At the Party

The company holiday party can be a great way to network within your organization and get to know coworkers and leaders, so don’t let it be a professionalism pitfall! If there is an RSVP, you should fill it out like you would for any other party. Also, do not drink too much or bring a plus one if not allowed.

Just because you’re at work, it doesn’t mean you have to check your holiday cheer at the door. If you follow our tips, the holiday season is a great time for celebration with friends, family and even your coworkers.

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