You’ve been excelling in your role – tackling projects left and right, adding value to initiatives and owning your day-to-day work – you are ready for the next level of your career! Earning a promotion does not happen overnight, and although you’ve been performing, you might need to do a little more. Here is advice to help you get into position for a promotion:
Avoid Office Drama
Office drama is a pitfall for many, because it’s contagious and very easy to get involved! One comment about a new company policy can spiral into a bashing session of that policy’s team. Getting involved in negativity will make your boss and other decision-makers question your professionalism and maturity. Take the high road and avoid the drama. Although it may seem like you feel good getting complaints off your chest, if you do it too much, you will stand out – for the wrong reasons. Leaders will not want to promote someone who hurts the office culture.
Bring Positivity
Be a positive force in the office. Greet people, smile and share recognition. Fortunately, positivity is also contagious, and leaders will notice your great attitude and appreciate you for it.
Be OK with Disagreeing (Respectfully)
Good leaders do not want “Yes” people surrounding them and agreeing with everything they say; they know they are not always right. They appreciate feedback, different ideas, new perspectives and respectful disagreement. To make your opinion even more valuable to your manager, make sure it’s well thought out, and if you can, provide examples to support it. Doing this shows you think outside of the box and have a fresh perspective to add to the team – two things leaders want to see when promoting!
Unofficially Give Yourself the Promotion
Working yourself into the promotion is a great way to show your boss you’re ready for the next level.  If you want to become a manager, unofficially lead your other teammates in projects and day-to-day responsibilities. Take the initiative and go the extra mile. After doing this, officially promoting you will feel like the natural next step for leaders and even your teammates!
Talk to Your Supervisor!
Be upfront and tell your supervisor about your aspirations. Why? Because people cannot advocate for you if they do not know what you want! Keep your boss on the same page as you, so he/she can give thoughtful guidance and help get you on the fast lane to the next level of your career.
Your promotion might be around the corner, but if you remember this advice, you may reach it fast than you may have anticipated!
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