During the job hunt, everybody has advice: your family, your friends, the random guy next to you on Metra. Is it all good advice? Probably not. Instead, wouldn’t you love to get job advice from the person who actually finds job candidates and conducts interviewing? We conducted a Q&A with our senior corporate recruiter, Carrie Losch, with job seekers’ frequently asked questions:

What is the most common resume blunder you see?
“I see a lot of people use an objective statement with a company name in it that is not ours. Big mistake.”

What is your biggest resume deal breaker?
“Again, putting the wrong company name in the objective, and then I also that a failure to put your resume in a readable form is a deal breaker. Paragraphs and resumes do not mix. I want to know your accomplishments and what made you great at that position, but I do not want a paragraph copied from a job description telling me what you did at your job.”

What is your biggest interview deal breaker?
“Rescheduling or coming in late. If you have an interview, show up and honor your commitment. People that reschedule have to re-earn our interest.”

What do you look for most during an interview? Fit, experience or interest in the opportunity/company?
“Initially, it is going to be interest. What made them apply? Why are they interested? Then I go into the experience, or ‘job fit.’ Can they do this position? Do they have the skills? Finally, I hit up the motivation fit (drive, ambition) and culture fit. I think all three ‘fits’ are pretty equal. You need someone who wants the position, can perform in it and will like the opportunity and culture.”

Finally, what is one thing every job seeker must remember while going through the job application/interview process?
“You must remember to present themselves as the ideal candidate for the job they’re interviewing for. Meaning, you need to research the company and the position. You need to sell us on why you are the ideal candidate. Too many people think they can just ‘wing it’ during an interview, but we can tell. Always bring your A game.”

Good advice is hard to come by during the job hunt, so once you find it, hold on. Keep these things in mind while going through your next application/interview process, and you can be confident you’ll be one step ahead of competition.