Your job interview is winding down, and you’ve masterfully answered all of your interviewer’s questions. Then your interviewer looks at you and asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” You freeze – what should you ask? You know this could be an opportunity to shine or a potential pitfall. As you practiced your answers to potential interview questions, you should have gathered your own questions to ask your interviewer. Consider these questions to ask during your next big job interview:
“How would you describe your company’s culture?”
This is a great question to ask, because it shows you’re interested in the organization itself and wanting to learn if you’d be a good match.
“What specific skills or qualities are you looking for in a candidate?”
This question could reveal a skill or quality needed for the position that might not have been touched upon earlier in the interview. It also gives you the opportunity to reiterate how your skills and qualities match up.
“What is the typical career path for someone in this position?”
This shows the interviewer you’re interested in staying with the organization for the long haul. Companies invest a lot of money in hiring and training new employees, so they want to make sure they pick people who will want to stay around.
“Do you have any concerns about me or about my qualifications that may prevent you from choosing me for this opportunity?”
Asking this question can not only help you gage where you stand in the pool of candidates, it can also give you the opportunity to clarify your qualifications and make a case for why you’re still the best candidate. 
“What is the next step and when will you be making your decision?”
You’re showing your genuine interest if you ask this question, as it conveys to the interviewer that you’re looking forward to hearing back from him/her.
Asking your interviewer questions can be tricky, but just like any aspect of the job interview, the more you prepare, they better off you will be. Consider asking these questions and come up with a few unique ones yourself, and you surely will make an impression!