bad questions during interviewsAt the end of every job interview, your interviewer will turn the tables, asking, “Do you have any questions for me?” You should have a list of questions prepared for this moment, but make sure that list does not include these:

“So what does your company/the position do?”

What is the quickest way to show you failed to research the organization and opportunity before the interview? Ask this question.

“How much does this position pay?”

Your interview is not the time to talk about compensation. Yes, it’s information that would be nice to know, but it should not be discussed until an offer is extended.

“How much vacation time and PTO will I get?” 

Again, wait until the job offer to ask this. Like the salary question, this will turn off the interviewer, as it seems like you assume you will get the job.

“What do you hate about working here?” 

Never go negative in an interview; it’s an instant turn off to hiring managers.

“Could I work from home?” 

Unless mentioned in the job description or previous conversations, do not bring this up. Some companies allow top performers this luxury, but you need to prove yourself first.

Not Asking Any Questions

Finally, not asking questions during this portion is a huge no-no. Regardless if the interviewer covered the topics you would have asked about, you should still have others ready. Not having questions ready will lead the interviewer to believe you’re not interested in the position and/or you weren’t prepared for the interview. Two bad impressions you should avoid!

Do yourself a huge favor during your next interview, and only ask good and solid questions.

Know of another question that should not be asked? Leave a comment.