Online ResumeThere’s something gratifying about seeing the resume you’ve spent weeks perfecting finally come out freshly printed on a sheet of crisp, white paper. Increasingly, though, job seekers are required to share their resumes with employers long before getting the chance to hand in a paper copy in-person. From online applications to social networking sites, we have more resources than ever for storing and presenting our resumes virtually.
Here are a few tips for getting your resume ready to be shared online:
File Types
The file type of your resume depends on the program you’ve used to create the document. Below are three common file types you should be prepared to provide when applying for a position:

Plain Text

This is the most basic, bare-bones version of your file possible. There is no special formatting or imagery applied at all; this version of your resume will consist only of text. This file type is commonly used within online applications through a company’s website. Be sure to remove any exotic fonts, bulleting or other special formatting when cutting and pasting your information into a plain text-based application box.

Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx, etc.)

It’s pretty common for Word to be the program you originally used to create your resume. Lots of employers will be looking for your resume in this format – but beware! Different versions of the program, updates and other changes between computers can make your document appear visually different on another computer. Try sticking to commonly used fonts and limit usage of special characters to avoid these differences and make your resume more share-friendly.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF’s can be a great way to ensure you’re sharing your resume the exact way you want it to be viewed. This type of file essentially freezes your resume in a picture format, locking in your special formatting, fonts and other imagery. This larger size file also ensures the content of your resume cannot be edited. You will need to use a PDF program or online tool to convert you resume to this format.



This social networking site designed for professionals is a great place to get introduced to the idea of sharing your resume online. With sections for experience, skills and most other common resume information, you can easily import your resume document and use your profile to share this information with employers.

Your Website

Having a website dedicated to your professional presence online is a great idea! Not only will you have a one-stop shop to virtually upload all relevant work search documents, you also have the freedom to include portfolio pieces and other types of media that can set you apart. Consider grabbing a website name that’s straight to the point – – and start sharing your resume today!

Once you have the right file types prepared and a safe place established to share your work, opening up your resume to the online world can plug you into many more employment opportunities. However, whenever you share personal information online, be sure to stay safe and keep track of the sites where your resume has been posted. Key personal details, such as your address and phone number, may be too much to share on certain forums.
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