Are you ready for the next step in your career but feeling anxious about leaving your current role? That’s totally understandable. The job market can be very intimidating, and leaving a position where you’ve invested years of your time is frightening. Consider connecting with a recruitment firm to make the process not only easier, but more reassuring.

  1. Find your happiness

First of all – if you’re looking for a new position or even considering hearing about one, you’re most likely not feeling satisfied with your current role. In fact, half of Americans are unhappy with their career.* While all jobs have their ups and downs, if you happen to be experiencing more downs than ups, maybe you should explore what else is out there. Life is way too short! Recruiters have access to opportunities that can offer more than just a different pay scale – I’ve seen it all. Are you feeling overworked? Tired of the standard office drama? Not feeling the management style? No job will be perfect – but my job is to help you find the situation that best suits your needs – which yes, includes office culture. If you don’t feel comfortable and supported by your team, you’re not going to excel.

  1. There’s a reason why companies use us

We work with a variety of different organizations – big or small – to assist with their hiring needs. Some smaller companies use recruitment firms because they don’t have the resources to recruit on their own. Most often (depending on the job requisition), I’ll spend one to three days recruiting for a position before identifying qualified candidates and inviting them into our office. If my job is to do this on the daily, imagine how much longer it would take a manager that has 10 to 15 other tasks on their desk to complete on top of recruiting. It’s easier and often cheaper for employers to utilize our services to discover top talent rather than settling for someone that applies to their job posting.
Large corporations engage recruiting companies to sift through the candidate pool for them.  Instead of applying directly to that company and waiting for weeks on end just to hear crickets, use a recruiting firm. Once you reach out to our team, we have the ability to get your resume directly to the hiring manager. We’ll call you with the good or bad news. Either way, you’ll know if you received an offer or if you haven’t. Recruiters can provide constructive feedback (from the manager) as to why you weren’t the chosen candidate. Also, if you don’t receive an offer, we might have another opportunity that would work out in your favor!

  1. Expand your network – we’re your extra set of eyes and ears!

Not running into ideal opportunities through word of mouth or job postings? The job search isn’t easy – even for those of you who have an extensive professional network. There are many companies and careers out there that you might not know exist. Here at Medix, we take your previous experience into consideration, as well as your personal motivators and challenges in the work place. We strive to make sure we find you the best opportunity which includes office culture, management style and career aspirations. Based on our network, we might be able to find you an opportunity through our network that you’ve never considered!
After reviewing why organizations reach out to recruiting companies, I hope you feel more comfortable not only in your job search, but with the recruiting industry. Remember, we’re on your side and work to find you the best long-term fit.
* “Job Satisfaction: 2016 Edition: Tightening Labor Market Means More Opportunity, More Satisfaction,” The Conference Board,
Briana Bayer is a recruiter from Medix Pittsburgh.