‘Resume’ is one of those words that can really haunt job seekers. Without a sound resume going into an interview, the chances of nailing down that job offer could dwindle drastically.  Yes, there are tons of different formats and companies may have a preference of specific information to include. This is exactly why resume rewrites for each job are so important.
Here are some pointers on how to make sure your rewrite will be succesful for any situation:
Focus on the Right Topics
When you sit down to revise your resume, think achievements over responsibilities. Employers want to see the impact you made on a company, not just a title. One way to distinguish yourself is to mention projects or specific ways that you made a positive difference to a company or team. Think of it this way – you have complete control over the content! This means choose which job experiences, skills and achievements to include wisely. In other words, your high school snack bar job might not be the best option.
Use Your Resources
No matter how many revisions it takes to perfect a resume, always utilize surrounding resources (AKA anyone who is willing to make edits). Having a fresh set of eyes could spark a new idea or spot silly grammatical issues. Find at least two people who are willing to give it a once over, and consider their insight before submitting your application materials.
Keep it Simple  
Sometimes, fancy formats are just plain cool. However, more often than not, it’s safer to play the simple card. Keep information clearly spelled out and written concisely so employers can easily pick out the specific points you’d like to highlight. Rather than focusing on the bells and whistles, take the time to carefully choose effective words, and stay away from cliches like “I’m very creative” or “excellent communication skills.”
Resumes are important because they lead to interviews. Make the job seeking process easier on yourself and invest time in rewriting your resume every once in a while. The hard work will pay off! Have any resume suggestions? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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