career fair tips

Career fairs and workshops are a haven for opportunities for job seekers! Not only could your future employer be in the same room with you, there are also abundant learning opportunities, such as getting resume advice and practicing networking. If you’ve never been to a career fair or if you want to learn how to have a better experience, we pulled together some advice to help. Check it out:

Adjust Your Mindset and Wardrobe 

Think of career fairs like a professional networking opportunity and a job interview rolled up into one experience, so dress professionally and be well groomed. Having this mindset in place is square one as you prepare. 

Have Copies of Your Resume

Many employers prefer you to give them a copy of your resume versus a business card, as business cards are easy to lose. Have many copies of your resume ready to hand out.

Prepare Elevator Speech

Also have your 30-second elevator speech ready. Career fairs can be a little rushed, so being able to concisely talk about yourself and your skillsets will be a huge benefit. 

Have Thoughtful Questions Ready

Along with copies of your resume and elevator speech, have thoughtful questions ready. These questions should be about information you wouldn’t be able to quickly find on a website, so you can convey your interest and show the employer you’ve done your homework. 

Don’t be Afraid to Introduce Yourself

It might be intimidating to walk up to a recruiter and shake his/her hand, but relax – they want to meet you! Don’t be afraid to be assertive and introduce yourself to as many people as you can.


While speaking to recruiters, make sure you’re smiling. This will show them you’re enthusiastic and interested in the conversation, making you even more enjoyable to talk to! 

Follow Up with New Connections 

After the career fair, make sure you follow up with all your new connections to keep the leads warm. Send a brief “thank you for your time” email and try to set up a follow up conversation.

Does everybody walk away from a career fair with a job in place? No, but if you remember our advice, you will pave the way for more opportunities.

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