One tiny action that many people often times underestimate the power and importance of is simply saying thanks.  On the job, where everyone is focused on tasks at hand, reaching benchmarks, or making it through a stressful day, the simple gesture of showing gratitude can be easily overlooked.  However, saying thanks in the workplace is essential in establishing a cohesive, collaborative working environment, where people respect each other for their efforts in striving towards common goals for the company.  Make sure you are not forgetting to thank these people!

Your coworkers.

As members of a team, your coworkers are there for you to lean on when you are in a jam or a time crunch.  Whether they offer up their lunchtime to help you wrap up a project, proofread an important email for you, or even just brighten a stressful morning by bringing you a cup of coffee when you look like you’re going to pull your hair out, make sure you are not too busy to properly thank your teammates for having your back.

Your boss.

No need to be a suck up, but it is important from time to time to thank your boss for the help he/she provides in developing you as a professional. (Good) bosses likely spend a lot of time and energy planning/outlining your projects, providing feedback on your work, and coaching/mentoring you to reach the next step in your career.  Make sure if you have a boss who makes the extra effort to help you out that you show gratitude!

Your employees.

If you ARE the boss, it is imperative you are demonstrating your appreciation and giving thanks to your employees.  They make up your team; they help you complete crucial projects, perform operations and functions that keep the company running, and are essentially your team’s lifeline for advancing the organization.  Make sure you acknowledge their accomplishments and thank them for their efforts in a timely manner.

Your partners and clients.

Whether you are an employee, the boss, support staff, or someone who works directly with clients, it is important to show gratitude to partners who help your company grow and prosper.  Of course it is essential to thank your clients for their business, but make sure you are thanking vendors and other partners that have played a role in improving your business as well.

Overall, simply showing gratitude can improve morale and encourage continued and increased support of your business and professional growth.  Never underestimate the power of this one syllable word!