Summertime is right around the corner! You can almost feel the breeze as you envision lounging in your beach chair, sipping on something fruity and losing yourself in a good book. Summer is a time for enjoyment, but it can also be leveraged as three crucial months to give you a leg up in launching your career. We don’t want to rain on your pool party, but if your summer only consists of beach balls and bathing suits, you aren’t maximizing your professional growth.  Read below for our tips on mixing a little career advancement into your summer schedule!

Take advantage of internships.

During the summer months, many companies offer internships to new professionals to allow them to get their foot in the door and explore their career path before they make a full-time commitment. Take advantage of these opportunities; they can give you unique insight into what day-to-day life could be in your profession, can give you experience to boost your resume and might even give you access to a future at that company if a full-time opportunity opens up. Not sure if a company offers internships?  Ask them!  Even if they haven’t offered internships in the past, they might appreciate the extra help this summer.


Even if you don’t snatch up an internship for the summer, resolve to avoid being stagnant and involve yourself in volunteer activities. Hiring managers would rather hear that you donated your time over the summer for good causes rather than spent three months straight lounging by a pool. You can meet new people, expand your network, boost your resume and have a chance to maybe even take a leadership role in planning some activities yourself. The added bonus is that little feel-good boost you’ll get from helping others!

Expand your network.

With a little extra time on your hands, summer is the perfect opportunity to work on growing your network. Attend networking events in your area. Join groups and clubs focused on your interests and expertise. Heck, you can even network at your neighborhood barbecue! Let people know you are on the job search and what you’re interested in and passionate about, and if an opportunity crosses their path down the road, they’ll have you in mind!

We know summer is an opportunity for a little R and R, but it can also be an opportunity to make strides in your career, so make the most of the next few months!