Is it just us, or does January seem like the longest month of the year? It’s dark, cold and seemingly never-ending. No wonder Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has set in for millions of Americans. If SAD has you feeling depressed, tired, anxious or distracted, follow these tips to help fight back and boost your mood and, ultimately, your job performance this winter.

Go Outside

Yes, it’s cold, but going outside and getting good ol’ Vitamin D will help your mood a lot! Try going on a walk during lunch or stepping outside when you have a quick break.


Staying social is another great way to combat SAD. See your friends and family on a regular basis, and while you’re at work, make a point to go out to lunch with coworkers and chat with them around the water cooler when you have a break.

Exercise Regularly

If you’re one of the many people trying to improve fitness as a New Years resolution, use SAD as extra motivation to get to the gym. Regular exercise is a great way to improve your mood! Make it a social event by inviting coworkers to join you for classes or even a jog around the gym’s track.

If you’re still feeling down, there are therapy light boxes available to help. Also, sometimes a cup of hot chocolate can be just what the doctor ordered, too! But keep your chin up; January can’t last forever!