Writing a thank you is an essential part of the interview process, as it can make or break your candidacy for the open opportunity. If you write an effective note, you will stand out. However, if you miss the opportunity to send a thank you, you might be out of the running. Follow these tips to help ensure your thank you note works for you, not against you:

Act Fast!

Send a thank you email or handwritten note immediately after your interview! The interview will be fresh in your interviewer’s mind, so sending your note or email right away will capitalize on that familiarity.

Include all Interviewers

If more than one person interviewed you, take the time to write a customized note for everyone, not just your main interviewer. Even if the other people just popped in for a minute, they still took time out of their busy day to talk to you, and that warrants a thank you! However, if you write the same exact thing for everyone, you will be doing yourself a disservice by coming off as lazy. Change it up for each interviewer.

Short and Sweet

You want to use your thank you to reiterate your interest in the opportunity and conversation points during your interview. However, you don’t want it to be long. Your hiring manager has a lot going on with not only making the decision, but with his/her day job, so a short note will hold their attention way more effectively than a long one.

Check Spelling and Grammar

As always during the interview process, check, double check and triple check your note for spelling and grammar. You have worked so hard to establish yourself as a professional, so don’t let a silly mistake discredit you.

Sending a thank you is a great way to stand out as a top job candidate, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Follow our tips and share the love with your hiring manager with a great note!

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