Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be special for you and your significant other; this day is a great opportunity to show the people around you how much you care. Your friends, family and even your colleagues should all be remembered on this holiday about love and appreciation. Here are tips on how to spread the love with your team at work:

Pass Out Valentines

No, Valentines did not go out of style since elementary school – they’re still fun to pass out and receive as adults! Hit the store, find some Valentines and write a little note to all of your teammates (don’t leave anyone out). If you’re feeling creative, go ahead and create your own! It may seem like a silly little gesture, but it’s sure to brighten your coworkers’ day!

Bring in Valentine’s Day Treats

Every February 14, bakeries are bursting at the seams with tasty, heart-shaped treats. Stop in and buy some for your teammates. They are a fun way to show appreciation, because who doesn’t love baked goods?

Organize a Group Donation

The season of giving doesn’t have to end in December! Get together with your coworkers, get a monetary or food donation together and spread the love with a local charity this Valentine’s Day. Not only will you have bonded more with you colleagues, you will know you have made a difference.

The best part about Valentine’s Day isn’t always the chocolate hearts; it can be sharing the love to those around you, too! Bring that spirit in with you to work on February 14 to show your teammates you care and appreciate them!