be polite in the workplaceMom always told us to mind our manners by saying “please” and “thank you.” Not only was this a must around the dinner table, it should also be carried throughout different aspects of our lives, especially our careers! Here is why it’s important to be polite at work:
Establish Friendships
Let’s face it; people want to be friends with pleasant people. Minding your manners is step toward workplace friendships. Why are friends at work beneficial? According to the Huffington Post, friendships in the office boost productivity and passion for the job.
Become Easy to Work With 
Despite what some think, being polite does not mean being a pushover. Rude people are difficult on many levels, but especially to work with! If you’re a polite teammate, you will become easier to work with, meaning more work can get done.
Create Credibility
Finally, but most importantly, good manners build your credibility as a professional. For example, if your boss trusts you can behave and act professionally, he/she will be more likely to give you bigger projects with different teams, clients and/or customers.
Being polite at work is a must, regardless if you’re entry-level or an executive. Start the new quarter on a good foot with good manners!
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