The search for a job can be a relentless battle that seems unwinnable. Sending out applications and going to countless interviews but never quite landing a job could send you on a path to self-doubt; not to mention changing career paths or beginning a new career is one of the largest challenges you will encounter! Before you raise the white flag and accept defeat, read these tips to start thinking differently about the job search:
Reflect – It’s time to focus on your career development plan. Before you sit down to start a job search, take time to truly reflect on the lessons you have learned within the past year from any jobs or simply life up until this point. Did your last job challenge you? Were you able to make an impact on the company? Try answering some questions about the career you want to pursue and the steps you need to take to reach that goal. Use your reflections to help refine your resume, take advantage of feedback and expand your professional network to move forward.
Knowledge is Power –The business world is a complicated place and part of understanding how to choose your career path is reading everything you can about potential jobs, different industries and business in general. Think of it like being a sponge! Books and articles are a great start, but try subscribing to industry magazines. If you’re more of a social media person, go beyond LinkedIn and follow business leaders on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Broaden your Horizons – Your last job title or education does not necessarily dictate the career path you will pursue, especially just starting out or when changing directions. When you begin your job search, keep an open mind to new positions or industries that you may not have considered before. Remember that every job presents different responsibilities and experience that will be beneficial to your future in some way. Think about all of those who have thrived after completely changing career paths.
Keep it Clean – Throwing a job title into the search box will land you in a sea of overwhelming job opportunities. Keeping your search organized will eliminate a lot of stress and confusion. When you pick out a job that interests you, try bookmarking the site or writing down the information in a journal. This way, you will remember where you found the job and keep a list of quality options.
Relax – The unemployment battlefield can be extremely stressful but the key to a successful job search is maintaining a positive attitude. Don’t forget to take a deep breath when the going gets tough. There are a ton of useful resources out there to help narrow job searches and put you in the right place. Friends, family and professional network contacts will always be one of your most beneficial support systems, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them.
When all else fails, turn to Seinfeld.
By rethinking your job search tactics, you will be able to begin the fight with more direction and self-confidence. Have any favorite job seeking tips we may have missed? Feel free to share below: