As a new graduate, you will find a new use for social media aside from sharing pictures with your family or keeping in contact with your friends. That new use will quickly become job searching and professional networking. It’s well known that hiring managers search for candidates online, so if you are on the job hunt, you would not want a potential employer see you as unprofessional based on your social media presence. Here are tips to transition your social media presence from college life into a more professional and polished light.

Build Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Despite what some may think, LinkedIn is not just an online resume. There are abundant networking opportunities, and it’s important for new professionals and job seekers to fully take advantage of them. Take time to examine your profile and build out each section; that way when hiring managers come across it, they can get a better picture of who you are and how your experience can benefit a new position.

Scrub Up Facebook and Twitter

Many people use Facebook and Twitter on a personal level, and that it fine, but it’s not a green light to post eyebrow-raising content. If you have added/been tagged in inappropriate updates, statuses or pictures, remove them ASAP! Remember, if you would not want to see something on the front page of a newspaper, don’t post it.

Gain Credibility

You’ve spent four years of your life learning about your field, so show it on social media! Post about your industry’s news, and join online conversations with professionals. When hiring managers come across your account, they will be able to see you actually have knowledge in your field and not that you just say you do. After you build up and polish your profiles, commit time each day to send updates and interact with your connections. This will help build your credibility along with nurturing your professional relationships with your connections. It can also help get your profiles seen by potential employers.

As a new graduate, many aspects of your life are changing and maturing, and you should include your online presence to that list. As you grow professionally, that should be reflected on your online persona. Take time to devote yourself to polishing and bolstering your profiles for this new, exciting chapter in your life!