Digital Transformation Consulting Services with Medix Technology

Reengineering technology consulting for our new reality

Digital transformation projects at 20-40% the cost of traditional consulting.

The world has changed. This tumultuous time has resulted in reduced budgets, a call for innovation, and a surplus of gig economy talent, creating a landscape that demands disruption of traditional consulting packages.

Medix Technology is here with a solution to save end users 20-40% on business critical initiatives, enabling them to accomplish more with less budget. With our extensive network of independent technology consultants, in tandem with our senior IT recruitment team, we are able to support a wide variety of projects with transparency and efficiency top of mind. Rather than the standard “bench,” Medix Technology will work with you to identify top talent for your projects, without burdening you with additional overhead.

Ready to move on from 100% outsourced work that breaks the bank and busts deadlines?

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