2020 will certainly be remembered for many things. At the top of the list will be our country’s reckoning with racial inequality and the actions by individuals and organizations to follow. Back in June, Medix published its stance on George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter movement. After that, we went to work. Our core purpose of positively impacting lives does not mean simply saying the right things, but rather, taking action in the organization and community.
Thus, Medix welcomed Devin Cobb to lead the team in our diversity and inclusion (D&I) journey. Devin previously worked with three large corporations specifically to build and empower D&I, and he joined Medix as a consultant to bring his knowledge and passion to the team. Here is look at his role and how his expertise will impact the Medix team: 

What is your consulting role at Medix?

“My role has become a couple of different things. First and foremost is to work with Medix’s leadership team to help them understand what an inclusive and diverse workforce looks like. Second is to help design and build a sustainable D&I journey for the employees at Medix. In doing so, I’ll help Medix understand what ‘good’ diversity and inclusion looks like. The third facet is to work with teams and individuals to help them understand what D&I looks like for their own personal careers and journeys. Through all of this, I’ll be a coach to leaders and individual teammates. I’ll also facilitate meetings to help teammates understand how diversity of thought and behaviors show up in meetings, and to support the overall mission of Medix.”

What does “good” diversity & inclusion within workplaces mean/look like?

“A good D&I program is one that’s strategic, beginning with the candidate experience and then continuing throughout the entire talent management cycle. D&I programs should be able to create support for traditional areas of diversity, in addition to honoring different work styles, communication styles and perspectives. The goal is to build a sustainable workforce made of diverse individuals and teams.”

How can everyone achieve true diversity & inclusion?

“First thing first – everyone needs to recognize that D&I is a journey, NOT a training class. Meaning, EVERYONE must do something different. If we do the same things that have been done in the past, nothing will change. Everyone should ask themselves, ‘Have I helped create a culture of inclusion?’ and reflect on their own actions to make changes.”

What is your best bit of advice you can give companies looking to improve D&I?

“An organization that’s looking to improve D&I efforts must start with the leadership team. Leaders must model the desired behaviors.
D&I efforts must then have the responsibility and autonomy to impact change without having the filters that may come from an organization or leaders.
For this, three things are important:

  • Education – Training, Books, Seminars
  • Exposure – Formal Mentoring programs and coaching
  • Experiences – Putting skills and learning into action, learning in a safe environment.”

With his unique experience and perspective, he already has the Medix team well on our way to becoming stronger advocates in the industry and our communities. 
Thank you, Devin! We appreciate your hard work!