spring cleaning for your careerWe’re knee-deep in April, so it’s time for some spring cleaning! No, not just that cluttered garage – your career. Here are three simple things you can do for some spring cleaning and refreshing:
Self-Reflect and Act 
Are you where you want to be? What changes can you make to better your productivity, work-life balance or job satisfaction? Take time to think about your career and how you can take ownership in taking it to the next level. Remember, reflection will not do you much good if you do not act upon it. 
Join a Professional Organization 
There are many benefits to joining a professional organization, but two of the most valuable are the networking and learning opportunities they provide. Find an organization within your industry, do some research on the value it provides members and become active, if it’s the right fit for you. Perhaps your company may even cover your dues! 
Update Your LinkedIn Profile 
Your LinkedIn is a living profile that should regularly be updated. Add recent accomplishments and responsibilities, look for new connections and search for interesting groups to join. Keeping your professional online presence up-to-date will keep your network engaged.
Spring is the season of growth and refreshing, so make sure you take advantage of this time! If you have additional insight, please share with a comment.