Your cap is set out; your gown is ironed – graduation is almost here! You’ve accomplished so much during the past four years, and now it is time to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next – your career!
Thinking about the job search is overwhelming, and sometimes the hardest part is just getting started! Knowing that firsthand, we laid out everything you need to do to get started:
Know Your Goals and Interests
Knowing yourself is step one in the job search. You should be aware of what you want from a job, why you’re an excellent candidate and your ultimate career goals. Why? So you can be focused on the best opportunities for you!
Talk to Career Services
Your college’s career services center is a huge asset that many people forget to take advantage of! Not only can they help you with your resume and interviewing, they can also connect you with alumni and their available opportunities.
Clean Up Social Media
It’s true – employers look up candidates online! Make sure what they find is a positive representation of you. A good rule of thumb to always remember is if you would not want it on the front page of a newspaper for Grandma to see, it should not be on your social media profile.
Crowdsource Your Resume
Have a trusted friend, professor and professional mentor read over your resume. These are people who have had a front seat to your professional development, so they will be able to give great feedback on how to better convey your skills and experience. For more tips, check out one of our recent blog posts.
Start Networking
Get connected with fellow new grads, alumni and other professionals within your field. It’s one of the best ways to hear about open opportunities and create a relationship with the organization! How? Focus on building up your LinkedIn network and join a professional organization.
Create a Website
A small portion of job seekers have websites. Those job seekers have a leg up on the rest because they stand out! Click here to learn more about creating a personal website.
Practice Interviewing
Nobody is born with job interviewing skills; it takes practice. You might have interviewed for previous part-time jobs, but you will need to supplement your interviewing skills. Research common interview questions; talk to mentors within your industry about what to expect; practice your responses to standard questions with a trusted friend, and try to schedule informational interviews with organizations you’d like to work for. With all this practice, you will quickly become an interviewing pro!
Stay Positive, but Be Realistic
The job search is draining! Keep your chin up, but also remember that the job search takes time and patience. Your opportunity is out there, but it will take some work to reach it.
Best of luck, graduates!