Finding the right job takes time. As the search wears on, the day-to-day work of finding work can slowly weigh you down, suffocating your confidence.
A rejection email here.
An unreturned phone call there.
With every new application comes a little leap of faith; you are repeatedly asked to thoughtfully reflect on your career and sum up your professional dreams, all in the hopes of being noticed by a potential employer. After a while, putting yourself out there without seeing success in return can destroy your motivation.
Don’t let the grind of searching for a new job cause your confidence to make a crash landing! The best way to break out of a rut is to start with small changes. Consider these simple options for switching up your job search; they may just give you that extra boost you need:
Switch Tactics
You’ve heard it before, “finding a new job is its own job.” Just like any other job, you might find yourself falling into a regular routine; wake up at this time, check the job boards at this time and submit the same old resume and cover letter (with a few minor tweaks) over and over again. Keep at it long enough, and the job postings, applications and days of the week just start to blend together.
Break your hunting habits and try different search tactics you may not have considered. Maybe it is time to rearrange your resume into a new, bold format. Or branch out of the mostly online search and start testing out career fairs and informational interviews. There are any number of ways to reach your goals; why not try a new one today?
Dive into Your Interests
You control your schedule. For once, the meetings you set and the projects you complete are determined by you and you alone. Take this opportunity to dive headfirst into a personal passion. From art and design to health and fitness, taking the time to consciously switch gears and focus on something other than finding your “dream job” can recharge your inner drive.
It is important to note that even if you don’t realize it in the moment, your personal interests can contribute to a position you may not have even found yet. Employers are interested in well-rounded candidates with a passion for everyday learning, so take some time to leave your applications behind.
Stay Connected
There’s a life outside of the job search. The digital drain of clicking away at job boards and connecting via email can make you feel disconnected from those around you. However, staying in touch with your friends, family and professional network can keep you motivated, and in touch with the real world.
Take some time every week to meet with people in person. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a casual lunch or even a jog, find a way to really connect with those outside of your job search sphere. Not only will the interaction help you to think about other things, but you’ll be keeping connections open all around you that might just lead to your next opportunity.
Lifting your application to the top an employer’s list is hard work. If you feel your motivation falling back down to Earth, sometimes all it takes is a little leap to keep you going.
How do you stay motivated when searching for a job? We’d love to hear your tips in the comment section below!

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