You’ve edited your resume for the thousandth time, you’ve written more cover letters than you can count, you’ve spent endless hours networking, and you STILL haven’t gotten a job. Yes, you’re understandably frustrated and confused, but how do you keep yourself motivated? Here are a few tips to help you stay focused and avoid the job search burn out:

Maintain a Schedule
It would be too draining to spend twelve hours a day job hunting, so put yourself on a job search schedule; wake up at a specific time, allot time for lunch, and choose a time to call it quits for the day. Structure will help you stay focused.

Talk to Supportive Family and Friends
If you’re frustrated, let it out. It’s more than okay to vent to trustworthy friends and family members. You might also find you’re not alone. Someone you know might be going through the same situation.

Take Up a New Hobby
Join a gym, or sign up for an art class; do anything to keep your mind off the job search after you’ve finished your last application of the day. Focusing on something rewarding is a great way to channel your angst.

Find local volunteer opportunities to keep yourself busy while giving back to your community. If you’re able to find an unpaid internship in your field, all the better! It is a great way to show employers you stayed productive while unemployed.

Take News with a Grain of Salt
Yes, you need to know what’s going on in the world, but dwelling on news stories about bad jobs reports and economic forecasts will affect your attitude. Try to focus on the positive news stories and look for the bright side of the negative reports.

Accept Rejection
Rejection is hard, but you have to remember it’s not personal. If you get that email or phone call, respond gracefully, take it for what it is and keep pushing on.

The job search is hard, no doubt about that, and many fail to recognize its emotional stress. One thing is for certain, you cannot give up! Keep moving forward, because your dream job could be right around the corner waiting for you.