stop putting off workDo these phrases sound familiar? “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.” “I’ll up my 401K contribution next month.” “This project isn’t due for another week; I’ll hold off today.” If so, you might be a procrastinator. Even the best employees can have issues with putting off work from time-to-time, but the good news is you can fix the issue today!

Identify Your Distractions

Do you enjoy the water cooler chat or a little Internet browsing for a quick break? Do email notifications take your eyes away from your tasks at hand? Identify those distractions and eliminate them when you’re trying to concentrate.

Break Up Your Large Tasks

If you’re putting off that big project because it’s so daunting, consider a different approach. Break it up into smaller, more manageable pieces, so the work seems easier and more enjoyable. After all, the only way to eat a whole elephant is one piece at a time!

Do Your Hardest Work First

Face your hardest task first, as most tend to put off the more complicated work and do the easy things. If you waste your initial energy on simple things, you will have a tough time mustering up the willpower to do the hard work, thus putting it off even more. Trust us, crossing the hard project off your list first will be extremely rewarding and make the rest of your day seem like a piece of cake!

Share Your Goals

Sharing your goals with your supervisor or teammates is a great way to make yourself more accountable and motivated. After you mention the projects and initiatives you’re starting, your teammates are bound to ask for updates, making you automatically want to have progress to show.

Many of us struggle with procrastination, so instead of tackling the issue tomorrow, make a point to stop procrastinating today!

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