Today is Stress Awareness Day. You might be wondering why something like stress would have a day devoted to awareness, but stress has many severe health implications, like heart disease, diabetes and depression, just to name a few. (WebMD) For many, the workplace can be ground zero for stress, so we wanted to share a few pointers to help eliminate it from your workday:

Wake Up Earlier 

Running around frantic in the mornings because you pressed snooze might be contributing to your stress levels. Giving yourself more time to relax in the morning and ease into your day will help a lot. Try to wake up at least 15 minutes earlier than usual. If you’re feeling ambitious, try a half-hour to an hour earlier. This extra time will do wonders for you.

Take Breaks

Step away from your desk, cubicle or office for a little bit throughout the day and use your full lunch time. Take a walk outside, eat at your favorite lunch spots or do something you enjoy. Making time away from your work will help give you a clear head and reenergize you to tackle the rest of your work for the day.

Check Your Work Emotions at the Door

When you leave work, leave your work stress at the office, too. Even if you need to wrap up a few things in the evening, try to do it with a clear mind. Giving yourself this escape from office frustration will help you recharge.

Don’t Bottle It Up 

Venting can be a great stress relief. However, there is a thin line between productive venting and constant complaining. To prevent yourself from falling into the bad habit of complaining, talk calmly to your supervisor or human resources about the causes of your stress to find a solution. If you still feel like your stress is spiraling out of control, perhaps it might be time to talk to a professional about stress management.

Stress is a big issue in the work environment, so be cognizant of it and how you can manage it.

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