Tomorrow is National Stress Awareness Day. (Is it a coincidence that it falls the day after Tax Day?  We think not.)  In the spirit of the day, we wanted to give you some stress busting tips to help you power through those anxiety-ridden moments of your day!

Take a break.

One of the easiest ways to relieve stress from a task that has you pulling out your hair is to take a quick break from it. Put it down and catch up on your emails or go grab a glass of water. If you have a bit longer of a break, take a quick walk outside to calm your nerves and ease your tension. Use your lunch time to get away and do something not work-related. When you are ready to come back to your task, you will be rejuvenated and have a clear head.

Organize your workspace.

Sometimes, being in a cluttered space can clutter our mind and induce stress. Who would have thought all of those styrofoam cups and granola bar wrappers could actually cause you stress? Tidy up a bit. Knowing where all of your materials are and being able to see your keyboard will help you organize your thoughts and curb stress.

Is your environment right for the task?

Sometimes, our environment just doesn’t suit the assignment we are working on. I’m sure you love your coworkers dearly, but it can be very stressful if you are working on a task that involves deep concentration and they are chatting away across the cubes. Ask your supervisor if you can move to an office or a conference room for a bit if you are working on something that requires peace and quiet.  Or bring your headphones to work so you can zone into your task and ignore the potential stressors around you.

Ask for help.

Often times, we are reluctant to ask our coworkers or supervisors for assistance, even if we are stressed out and hitting a wall. However, sometimes even venting and letting others know what has got you hung up can help, because they might have a better answer on how to complete your task. If you have a receptive coworker, even bouncing ideas off of him/her might help you work through the problem. If completing something in time has you stressed, consider discussing an extension, or ask a coworker to help take something else off of your plate.  Just be prepared to return the favor the next time your coworker is stressed and in the same boat!

Work can be a stressful place, so follow these tips to power through and not let it hinder your productivity!