Research shows that it takes 21 days to form easy habits and up to 66 days to form hard, long-term habits. Earth Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to start rethinking the effects your office habits might have on the environment. This year, instead of making a long list of empty promises to our dear Mother Earth, make it about the small, simple changes that will add up to make a big difference over time! Try to focus on altering the easy habits first to go the greener route. Consider these changes throughout your workday:

Commuting Green

  • If you’re a book lover who enjoys a nice page-turner to and from work, consider purchasing e-books and used books. Buying brand new books increases unnecessary paper usage.
  • If your commute requires driving, carefully plan out your daily trips. This includes your route to work and any errands or places you travel to after work. The less driving, the less pollution, which means a happy environment!
  • Oldie, but a goodie! Have work friends that live near you? Create a carpool to decrease gas usage and make it fun by jamming out; have each person make a playlist and switch the DJ every day.

Working Green

  • Invest in office plants to improve air quality! Office spaces are filled with tiny unwanted pollutants from mold, dust mites and chemical cleaning products.
  • Utilize online options. This may include reading work documents, editing documents or paying bills online. The less paper printed, the more eco-friendly the office will be!
  • Instead of using individual space heaters or air conditioners, think in terms of layers! If you know ahead of time you will be cold, bring or wear more layers that day. If the office tends to be hot, dress in layers that can come off or light clothes! The power used to generate those little machines way more than you might expect.

Eating and Drinking Green

  • Find the perfect reusable water bottle. Purchasing plastic bottled water can be detrimental to our environment. Use less plastic and purchase a fun water bottle, here’s a list of the best water bottles in 2017.
  • Label recycle bins with clear directions of exactly what can go in them. People get confused with what is considered recyclable or not. Recycling is a tip we see every Earth Day, but if people don’t know the proper products to pitch, it’s useless to the environment!
  • Do you have a favorite mug? My personal darling mug is a minion and I love it.  Instead of purchasing or using disposable cups at from a coffee shop or at work, show off your best mug at work!

There’s a huge push worldwide for companies and employees alike to make changes to daily habits in order to be more environmentally conscious. Contribute to the green movement this year by focusing on the little things! Do you have any suggestions on how to make the office a greener place? Don’t be afraid to share below: