Most successful people have the ability of waking up and diving right into their work day. If you’re not a morning person, this presents a challenge, but follow these steps to help start your day successfully:

Avoid Snooze
Hitting the snooze button may seem like a great idea when you’re exhausted, but it can ruin your morning routine and throw off your whole day. In the big picture, those extra 10 minutes won’t help that much anyway, so bite the bullet, and get up on time.

Exercise improves mood and energy levels, so why save that for after work? Reschedule your workout to the morning so you can take advantage of that endorphin boost throughout the day.

Eat Breakfast
There’s nothing quite like a good breakfast to start your day, as it boosts your energy and becomes the fuel behind productivity. It also curbs your appetite, leaving you with one less distraction throughout the day, so consider hearty options and avoid processed carbs, like donuts.

Arrive Early
If you’re rushing to work and arrive frazzled, chances are you’re not going to be as productive as the employee who calmly arrived to the office early. Arrive early enough to go through your email, catch up on the news and do whatever you need to start your day before you’re officially “on the clock.” Doing this gives you more time, because if you walk in at 8 a.m. and expect uninterrupted time to catch up on your correspondence, chances are you won’t get it, making the 10 minute task stretch into an hour.

Organize Your Day
Take time to go through and update your to-do list. Assess your high and low priority assignments, and set up your day accordingly. However, flexibility is a must, as your boss may have an important, last-minute assignment for you.

Big Projects First
You’re at your mental peak at the beginning of the day, so don’t waste it on little, mindless tasks or long, boring meetings. Instead, try to tackle your top priority assignments and big projects first with energy and a fresh mind.

You have the power to set the pace of your day from the very moment you wake up. Yes, it’s hard to get out of bed sometimes, but if push through, you will find increased productivity and overall satisfaction with your work performance.