Although the beginning of June is not the official start of summer, it does usher in summer vacation season! You and many of your coworkers are probably knee-deep in planning week-long adventures or three-day weekend getaways. While you are deciding among hotel options and booking flights, make sure you don’t overlook your work load, because nobody wants to be stuck after hours in the office with a mountain of projects the day before vacation!

Write a Detailed To-Do List

Before you sit down and start cranking out projects, write yourself a detailed to-do list of everything that needs to get done before you leave. If you organize beforehand, chances are slim something important will slip through the cracks.


If you’re leaving for a long trip, it might be impossible for you to get everything done at work before you go. After you create your to-do list, review it and highlight your top priorities so they don’t accidentally get put on the backburner.

Ask for Help

Is your to-do list looking a little daunting? Ask trusted teammates for help with your workload! If you are feeling guilty for adding to their plates, offer to buy them lunch or surprise them with a souvenir from your trip. Also expect to return the favor when one of them need help preparing for a vacation!

Planning a vacation is exciting, but you cannot let your work suffer because you get lost planning or daydreaming about your time away! If you take time to plan, it will be easier to spend some quality R and R during your trip.