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Have questions or need more information? In our Talent Resource Center, you will find helpful information to assist you throughout your job search and your placement with Medix. We understand that the recruitment process can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are some answers to frequent questions about Medix and recruitment.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit your inquiries through the Contact Form or reach out to your Medix representative.

Frequently Asked Questions – Job Seekers

How does the recruitment process at Medix work?

Medix’s recruitment process is more than just a typical staffing procedure; we create a true partnership with you to ensure we find the best opportunity to fit your aptitude and skills. Pick up the phone, and call 866-44-MEDIX to get started!

Your initial conversation with a recruiter allows him/her to learn about your skills and interests. Then you will meet with one of our recruiters in-person. Once we understand your aptitudes, competencies and goals, we will notify you of any available positions we think are the right fit. We will also provide you with any advice or assistance you may need during the interview process.

What are the requirements to work with Medix?

Medix has no rigid requirement to work with us. However, some of our clients may have requirements to hold specific positions. We will help you market the skills you do have and find a position that best fits your experience and goals.

I don’t live near a Medix location. Will you still be able to help me?

Medix has capabilities to do business in every state; in fact, we currently work in most!
Please visit our Search Jobs page to see if there are opportunities near you.

What should I bring to the first meeting with Medix?

When you come for your initial interview with your Medix recruiter, you should bring copies of your resume and professional references. You should double check with your recruiter before you come to see if you will need copies of any licenses, certifications or any other paperwork. Bringing along a notebook and pen would be helpful as well, so you can track any notes or questions you might have throughout the meeting.  

Will I be obligated to accept any positions?

You will never be obligated to accept a position at Medix. It is ultimately your decision what position is right for you.

Does it cost anything to contract with Medix?

Our services are 100% free to our talent.

What benefits will I be eligible for?

As Medix talent, you can choose to enroll in our benefits program during your eligibility period and enjoy your choice of six medical plan options, dental, vision and short-term disability plans, along with life/AD&D insurance.

When do my benefits start?

After being employed for 30 days and averaging 30 hours, you become eligible for our benefit program. Information with new hire enrollment materials will be presented to you at that time. If you choose to enroll, coverage will begin around the 60th day of employment.

Do temporary assignments have potential to go permanent?

It is a possibility, but it depends on the particular assignment. Some assignments are strictly to fill a position vacant for a set time, such as a maternity leave. However, many temporary positions service as a probationary/test period to see how you fit with the company, and there is the possibility that it could turn into something more permanent.

Why would I want to accept a position that is only temporary?

There are many benefits to exploring your options through temporary employment. Temporary jobs offer you the flexibility of exploring a new field to see if it’s the right path for you without the commitment. They are also a good way to earn money and keep your work experience current while finding a permanent position.

Why Medix as opposed to other firms?

At Medix, we offer personalized service to make sure we truly understand our talent. Our offices are filled with ambitious and enthusiastic recruiters ready and willing to meet with you face-to-face and help you on your job search.

To learn more, please visit our Why Choose Medix page.


Frequently Asked Questions –Talent Employed by Medix

When do I get paid?

You are compensated for the time you work in any given calendar week, Sunday through Saturday, on the following Friday.

All timecards are required to be submitted through your designated timecard system no later than Monday at noon CST (unless otherwise stipulated by your recruiter) and approved by your manager by Tuesday at noon CST to receive your paycheck on that Friday. We encourage you to submit your timecards on Friday prior to these deadlines before you leave the work site.

For example, to get paid for the first week of your assignment, your hours must be submitted by Monday of the next week and approved by your manager on Tuesday. You will receive your check on the Friday following your first week of employment.

If you have additional questions, please contact your recruiter or view this video on entering your time through our myMedixTime system.

Where can I get a blank time card or direct deposit form?

You can access all of our employment documents and forms by visiting our Documents & Forms page. Also, please feel free to contact your recruiter to obtain an electronic or faxed copy. 

What day should I turn in my time card?

All talent must submit their time cards by noon CST on Monday each week to ensure on-time pay. Our internal payroll team advises that you submit your time card before you leave on Fridays for the weekend. This gives your manager ample time to approve your hours. If you are unable to send your time card prior to the previous stated deadlines, we will process your time card the following week in addition to your next week’s time card. 

When can I expect to receive my W2?

Medix is required by law to send out all W2s by January 31. However, we typically mail out all W2s a week before for your convenience. 

If you have moved or need to request an address change, please contact your recruiter immediately so they can inform our payroll team and have this promptly updated.

What are the steps I should take if I want to switch my benefits plan?

If you are looking to enroll or switch your benefits plan after your eligibility period, you must wait until the next open enrollment period in December.

How does the Medix Talent PTO policy work?

Medix grants you the ability to earn paid time off. One full day of PTO will be earned after 600 hours worked through Medix. You also can earn an additional day for every 300 more hours worked (no partial days awarded). Talent can accrue up to six days, with the option to rollover unused days at the end of an assignment.

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