don't brag during job interviewThe goal of your job interview is to assure the hiring manager you are the perfect person for the opportunity. Talking about your achievements is a great way to do so. However, you run a fine line between simply talking about your accomplishments and sounding boastful. You wouldn’t want to rub the interviewer the wrong way by bragging, so follow these tips to help you talk about your successes:
Don’t Carry On and On 
When you talk about an achievement, keep it brief. Yes, you need to make sure you’re communicating the scope of the accomplishment, but if you carry on about it too much, you will sound conceited. 
Express Gratitude 
Chances are you did not achieve everything solely by yourself – you probably had help along the way. Share that with your interviewer. Talk about how thankful you were for the opportunities to succeed and the people who helped build you up. 
Don’t Humblebrag
Avoid humblebragging at all costs! It rubs people the wrong way even more that blunt bragging. If you’re not sure what humble bragging is, here is an example:
“I had to download a new scheduling app to help me keep track of all the job interviews I had lined up!”
Show, Don’t Tell 
Sometimes the very most effective way to talk up your accomplishments is to not even speak. Bring a portfolio of your best work, and show it to the hiring manager.
During your next interview, talk confidently about your accomplishments without worrying about sounding boastful.
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