With Thanksgiving inching closer, you’re probably beginning to day dream of steaming stuffing, fluffy potatoes, tender turkey and endless sweet treats! Before you head home to celebrate Turkey Day with your loved ones, take a second to think about those who you spend almost every day with, your coworkers! It’s all too easy to lose sight of giving thanks to those awesome people sitting next to you because, well, you’re working! Change that this season by thinking about these small ways to show your appreciation:

Thank you! We’ll start off with an easy one. As simple as it may sound, saying ‘thank you’ helps build trust and strengthen relationships with your coworkers. Next time a teammate lends a hand on a project, helps you solve a problem or makes your day a tad brighter, thank them! After all, according to Huffington Post, “public opinion research has found that a significant number of employees value kindness over money.”

Hand-written cards go a long way! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE receiving handwritten notes. The messages seem more genuine because it typically requires more thought to write out a message than type one. Plus, you only have one chance to get it right (if you’re using a pen), so it needs to really count! Whether it’s congratulating someone on reaching a goal, an appreciation message or a birthday card, handwritten notes always trump emails or text messages.

Awareness! As a team, it’s important to celebrate wins, small or big. This Thanksgiving season, be more aware of the great things your coworkers are accomplishing! The important thing is to be specific on why their action deserves a shout out. If your coworker knows exactly why they’re being acknowledged, it’ll surely give them the warm and fuzzies!

New traditions! This Thanksgiving, show off your uber-festive side by coming up with a new tradition for your team. This could be anything that ties back to team building or just getting to know new faces! The fun part will be creating a tradition that’s true to your team culture. Try organizing a pot luck, picking a new spot for a team lunch or proposing a game night after work. Suggesting a time to spend with coworkers outside of work will show them that you’re interested in getting to know them on a more personal level!

Keep things positive! It’s easy to get stressed out during the holidays between planning events and working. According to the American Management Association, 66% of respondents (out of 600 employees) reported additional stress at work during the holidays. This year, you can combat that by actively keeping a positive mindset around your team. Leave an encouraging note on someone’s desk or send them an inspirational quote to keep spirits high.

Favorite treats are always appreciated! There’s nothing better than seeing the joy that a plate of delicious baked goods brings to your coworkers on a random winter morning. During the holidays this year, put your baking skills to work and have your colleagues be the taste testers. There’s no doubt they’ll love it! However, not everyone loves sweets. Be sure to pick the brains of your coworkers to find out which holiday treats they prefer.

Uncover something new! You don’t always need to come out and say ‘thank you’ to show appreciation. Instead, show interest in your coworkers by asking questions! Find out something new about them, such as their favorite snack, favorite lunch spot or favorite hobby. This could really come in handy (around birthdays) in the future.

Listen! Often times, we hear our coworkers talking, but we’re not actively listening. This holiday season, show your thankfulness by actively listening to your colleagues and ask questions to further develop the conversation. If they tell you their Turkey Day plans, listen now and ask how it went after the holiday.

Between juggling holiday plans and finishing up year-end projects, it’s easy to forget to show thanks at work during this season. However, with the tips above, you’ll be spreading holiday cheer in no time! If you have any other small tips to show thankfulness, please share below: