In 2016, nearly every activity – from checking the weather, to calling a cab, to ordering lunch – can be helped along with a boost from technology; searching for a job is no different! Helpful websites, numerous devices and app after app offer job seekers the promise of a (somewhat) painless process towards finding a new career.
If you’re still stuck searching by hand through the paper pages of the “Classified” section, here are some of the trends savvy job seekers should keep an eye out for in the coming year:
“The Internet told me…”
With web hosting and design options easier to access and more prevalent than ever, employers are using their corporate websites and job boards to share the bulk of their hiring opportunities. This wealth of online employment information is driving more and more job hopefuls to the web. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, a majority of adults (54 percent) went online to look for job information. This means that the Internet is now being used just as often to find a job as professional networks or personal contacts! While old fashioned networking will never go out of style, you could be missing key opportunities and information by not combining your efforts with online research.
When researching a company and available career opportunities, do your best to research all of the digital information available; this can come in many forms, from an explanation of company history on a corporate website, to exclusive, online-only videos. The more you know about a role and company as a whole, the better you will be able to assess your fit in the organization!
It Pays to be Social
Keeping in mind that employers have more forms of communication than ever to reach potential applicants, social media channels simply cannot be ignored. In fact, the same Pew Research study goes on to highlight that 65 percent of Americans now use social media platforms; among those users, more than a third of them used social media to inform friends of an available job at the place of employment.
In other words, people are talking about opportunities on social media, and it pays to listen! Most companies will have a social presence across a variety of accounts – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – so be sure to check them all. When in doubt a great place to start is Linked; with a more professional focus for job seekers and employers alike, LinkedIn offers a great starting point for sharing your job search story and learning more about what’s out there in your industry.
Mobile is Money
Handy helper or terrible tether – no matter how you view your smartphone, it’s here to stay. Recent data shows that 28 percent of Americans have used a smartphone in one way or another as part of a job search, and this number is only expected to rise. It used to be that a phone could be utilized in phone interviews and for follow-up/scheduling purposes. However, as technology pushes ahead, increased capabilities, such as video interviewing and mobile job application forms, will be available at our finger tips.
As a job seeker, this instant access to information means more chances to apply. However, it is important to avoid a digital meltdown during your hob search, Remember: technology is only one tool to help on your path to a new job! Combined with an effective overall strategy for searching, will you be able to use it to its fullest potential?
Share your tech tips for job seekers below!